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What is Sexy: Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh

It's that time of year when everybody is a little bit Irish and if your like us you love a good Irish girl. Maybe it's the tendency towards red hair and green eyes, but there is definitely something sexy about an Irish lass. We searched high and low and came across a particular beauty, Miss Ireland 2013 Aoife Walsh. Your first question is probably how do you pronounce Aoife? Here's your answer:

Aoife Walsh was born August 2nd, 1989 in Tipperary, Ireland. She is a fashion model and former Miss Ireland. She isn't just beautiful but smart as a whip as well having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Geography, as well as a Masters in Business Management and a Masters in Education. After being crowned Miss Ireland in 2013, she went on to represent her native country at the Miss World competition, placing in the top ten in the talent category. Since winning Miss Ireland, Walsh has carved out a successful modeling career even walking at New York fashion week in 2017. Aoife started her own blog entitled, 'That Ginger Chick' which features her take on all things fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle related. Follow Aoife Walsh on Instagram and Twitter

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