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Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

With UFO reports and sightings continuing to mount, one must wonder what reason Aliens would have to visit earth. There are plenty of theories out there, so I want to collect them all here as well as give my opinion on the subject. Read through all the theories and be sure to comment on which one you think makes the most sense. If you have something in mind not mentioned here be sure to let me know.

Simple Curiosity

The easiest to understand and most logical reason why aliens would visit earth is simple curiosity. We humans have spent countless hours out in the wild exploring our planet - observing, hunting, photographing, and cataloging its species. It’s not hard to imagine that alien visitors are doing the same. Curiosity seems to be innate to every living creature, the dog sniffing around wondering what’s in your hand, the deer scouting your back yard, etc. Perhaps these extraterrestrials are on a quest to explore the universe and catalog its inhabitants. Now there are good and bad sides to this proposition, just like some who go out in search of elephants and zebras are peaceful and simply want to carefully watch from a distance, others are hunters intent on bringing down the animal and mounting it as a trophy. The one positive we have as humans is that it seems we would be rather easy prey for a hunter, especially a race of aliens with such technological advancements as space travel. We would be equal to hunting ants, which doesn’t sound very appealing.

Claiming the Planet

Now there are a couple theories under the umbrella of what I will call “claiming the planet”. One is that it was their original home and they want it back. To me this one is a little far out there, but I have seen this theory online. Basically those who propose this idea tend to also believe the hollow earth theory, and that at the center of the earth lives all sorts of races. Included among them are the reptilians. In short, alien visitors are scoping us out for an upcoming battle to take back their rightful home land.

In the 2013 Superman movie Man of Steel, Kryptonian's have run out of resources and need to flee from their planet to ensure survival. Clark Kent, one of the last of an extinguished race disguised as an unremarkable human, is forced to reveal his identity when Earth is invaded by an army of survivors who threaten to bring the planet to the brink of destruction.

Another theory is that they need a new home. In this scenario our alien visitors are searching out a new place to live because their old planet just doesn’t cut it anymore. It may be a lack of resources (see below) or they have devastated their own planet and need a new one, which ties into the hippie theory that they want to prevent us from doing the same. Others have suggested that they are fighting with an enemy species that calls earth home.

The Hippie Theory: To save us from Ourselves. Some UFO researchers out there see aliens as benevolent creatures out to save the universe from harm. For Earth, as we race towards Nuclear Armageddon, space people hope to prevent us from reaching a catastrophic end. They seem to have a non-interventionist strategy apparently, since we have no concrete evidence of Alien visitation. This is a popular theme of movies like Arrival, and some books. To me this is nonsense. It’s the hippy spiritual outlook, from the same people who are sitting in the middle of a field chanting and trying to summon star beings. Yes, this really happens.

They Need Food

If other planets are dry, barren, and desert like, or cold and icy then chances are that very few animals or plants could survive those conditions, which would make food supply scarce. Perhaps that’s why aliens are so darn skinny. Now that is a bit of a joke, but seriously - evolution would no doubt adapt alien physiology to require a smaller caloric intake, but still any living being will still require sustenance. If Aliens really are in search of food, the question becomes does earth even offer the food that aliens would want? Assuming that their biology would process the same components that we do – protein, fats, and carbohydrates - the earth has plenty to offer. It’s doubtful that we are being hunted as food, but the possibility exists. As I mentioned earlier, humans hunt animals as they catalog species, so an alien race might do the same thing.

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth


There are plenty of UFO sightings near and around water. This makes it easy to guess that aliens want our water… and again it looks like a lot of those planets they may come from are pretty dry. I can’t imagine a scenario where a biological entity could completely evolve beyond the need for water, so if you are short on supply and NEED water, it makes sense that you are going to look for it. Obviously, Earth has a huge supply of it being made up of approximately 70% H2O. Remote viewer Ingo Swan, a member of the top secret Stargate Program, claimed to have witnessed a UFO near water. He described his sighting in his book Penetration:

Dawn arrived, and Swann saw a fog developing over the lake. This went on for five minutes, until the fog developed a luminous neon-blue color. Then, according to Swann, the color changed to an “angry purple” Axelrod and one of the twins each placed a hand firmly on Swann’s shoulders while “a network of purple, red, and yellow lightning bolts shot in all crazy directions through the ‘cloud.’ Swann said he would have jumped if the two had not held him down. He saw an object, almost transparent at first, but then “solidly visible over the lake.” It was triangular or diamond-shaped, growing in size.”

Swann, in terror and amazement, heard a strong wind moving past, rustling the pine trees so much that some cones and branches fell on them. The object then began to shoot out ‘ruby red laster-like beams’ as it continued to grow even more in size while maintaining its position on the lake. Very quietly, one of the twins said, ‘Shit! They’re enveloping the area. They’re going to spot us.”

As Swann later recalled the event, some of the red laser beams from the object were ‘blasting’ pine trees, and he could hear low frequency pulsations. Axelrod whispered to Swann that the beams were probably honing in on deer or other forest creatures, as they sense biological body heat. ‘They’re sure to hone in on us,’ he told Swann. Just then, one of the twins literally lifted and dragged Swann away, but not before Swann noticed the water of the lake surging upward, ‘like a waterfall going upward, as if being sucked into the ‘machine.'”

The four ran quickly and at great length, sustaining minor cuts and bruises. Eventually they stopped, breathing hard, and waited for more than thirty minutes, until one of the twins said all was clear.”

Now the skeptic is going to say if alien explorers have the technology to travel light years away, you would think they have an invention that can condense air into water. I mean we can do that here on planet Earth already. (For a little bit more on that kind of stuff read Magnus Marrissink’s article on Weather Control) I think it’s more likely our celestial visitors are being seen around water for another reason:

ufo pirate ship

Toxic and Hazardous Waste Dumping

In economics, there is a term called rent seeking. It basically means to increase ones own wealth by limiting access to that which is lucrative. In college, I wrote a paper arguing that the developed world practiced a form of rent seeking by passing its problems onto the third world so that they are restrained from advancing. So an alien presence could do such a thing by waste dumping, or polluting, our planet as a way of forcing Earth to need the resources they have brought. So if this is the case, aliens may be a form of space pirates traveling the galaxy, dumping their toxic trash on foreign planets and preserving their own planet, while trading their interstellar goods for other useful items.

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

Biological Material: DNA Collection, Science Experiments, and Cross Breeding

Humans have truly pushed the boundaries in science, and we are capable of engineering humanity itself. The Nazis first delved into eugenics, and now today we do the same under other guises. We take fetal tissue and repurpose it, extract cartilage and all sort of other nutrients from one source and infuse it into our food supply and other places. Degenerative joints are treated with stem cells …. athletes receive platelet rich plasma injections. Eggs are plucked from ovaries and stored next to sperm for future use. So why wouldn’t that material hold value to an alien species? Is it all that difficult to imagine a scenario where aliens would attempt to cross breed with a human? We have done the same with lions and tigers in creating the liger. The problem with the liger is that it's parents, the lion and tiger, though closely related are far enough apart in terms of genetics that any offspring are sterile. From PBS:

Lions and tigers are two different species. They look different, they have different lifestyles, they vocalize differently, and they generally live on different continents. Yet when they are brought together artificially, they can interbreed. Such hybrids are called tions and ligers. Do they challenge the definition of species? Not really. The key words are "interbreed successfully"; tigons and ligers generally are sterile and short-lived -- an evolutionary dead end. If species exist, why? And what maintains them over time? Biologists are still wrestling with these questions, which some call the "species problem" or the "species crisis." Biologist Ernst Mayr sees the species as a small gene pool protected from too much variability by a reproductive barrier. In other words, the species is a population adapted to a certain niche, and if the members of different species could interbreed with each other, too much genetic variability would occur, reducing the success of the adaptation. "The basic biological purpose of the species," says Mayr, "is the protection of a harmonious gene pool." To bolster his argument, he points out that hybrids between species are usually less successful and are often sterile.

This may be the case with a hybrid alien-human creature as well, thus necessitating the constant need for new biological material to produce "children". Humans may share some genetic similarity with our Alien Visitors, or may even have been engineered at some point if you believe the Ancient Alien theories or have studied topics such as bloodlines of the Annunaki.

Obviously we get into some dark subject matter here, but if you dare to search out the stories of alien abduction, babies implanted and then stolen from wombs, human experimentation in the deepest parts of the Dulce Base….the idea of aliens looking for biological material becomes a lot easier to believe, and a lot more scary. Perhaps such an experiment is taking place on a cosmic level, with a cross bred race serving as workers and slaves to a master race. Since they can’t reproduce, the need for biological material would never end. Are these sightings a search team looking for targets specimens?

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

Material Resources

This I find to be the most plausible reason we would be visited. We are exploring our solar system and excite over the possibility of harvesting minerals from other planets. A NASA supported scientist, chemical engineer Ken Debelak of Vanderbilt University, is learning how to use carbon dioxide (the main gas in Mars' atmosphere) to harvest rocket fuel and water from the red planet. Among the other resources present inside martian rocks and soil lies a bounty of useful elements: magnesium and hydrogen for rocket fuel, oxygen to breathe, water to drink.

Gold and Minerals

Perhaps there is something to the idea that UFO's were in search of gold in ancient times. Gold is inert and doesn't react with other substances, it is an excellent conductor of electricity, and reflects infrared energy. According to Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, "you can use gold blankets to protect spacecraft against the intense heat of a star or any sort of heat source." It helps that gold can be hammered into extremely thin sheets: one ounce of gold can be beaten out to 300 square feet. That would allow a space craft to receive its many benefits without the burden of significant weight.

We all know about ancient astronaut theory, the pyramids, and the connection to gold, but how about mercury?

Now on the flip side of things, minerals that are valuable here on earth may not serve any purpose on an alien planet. What ever the reason Aliens may be visiting us, it is a scary proposition. While some of the more far out theories like biological material theft may one day prove true, the skeptic in me says it has to be a simper answer: That's why I am sticking to the idea that UFO's, if real, picking up some valuable mineral resources to take home.

Which of the theories above do you think makes the most sense?

Why do you think aliens are visiting earth?

Do you have your own theory or explanation? Comment Below:

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