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World Contact Day

Today marks the 65th anniversary of a special holiday for UFO researchers and observers: World Contact Day. The holiday was first declared in March 1953 by an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB). The intended purpose of marking a date on the calendar was that each year all IFSB members would attempt to send a telepathic message into space in hopes of making contact with the occupants of flying saucers. They hoped that their hundreds of members would create such a powerful telepathic message that it would be heard deep into space. Albert Bender from the IFSB was tasked with creating the message to our 'space brothers' which read:

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft! Calling occupants of interplanetary craft that have been observing our planet Earth. We of IFSB wish to make contact with you. We are your friends, and would like you to make an appearance here on Earth.

Your presence before us will be welcomed with the utmost friendship. We will do all in our power to promote mutual understanding between your people and the people of EARTH. Please come in peace and help us in our EARTHLY problems.

Give us some sign that you have received our message. Be responsible for creating a miracle here on our planet to wake up the ignorant ones to reality. Let us hear from you. We are your friends.

The message is referenced in the psychedelic pop song "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft", recorded in 1976 by Klaatu. The song was later covered by mainstream act The Carpenters.

Bender himself did not participate in many more 'World Contact Days' as he infamously left the UFO research field a few years later following an alleged encounter with the Men in Black shortly after forming the IFSB. He described his encounters in a book called They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers by Gray Barker, stating that he had been approached by three men in black on separate occasions. These men visited him in his house and communicated with him telepathically. He received a metal disk from them with instructions to follow. He further reported that he felt like he was being transported, and in his second encounter the MIB told him that they captured people from Earth and used their bodies to disguise themselves. If the telepathic communication was ever received by aliens, we are still waiting on a response.

Other UFOlogy themed holidays include Extraterrestrial Culture Day (February 2), Alien Abduction Day (March 20), and World UFO Day (June 24 / July 2).

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