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The Simpsons Conspiracy Theory

The Simpsons Conspiracy Theory

The Simpsons is a pop culture icon that satirical addresses current affairs, and sometimes seems to predict future events. The show predicted Disney’s acquisition of Fox and more recently, Donald Trump becoming president. According to one theory, the ability of the Simpsons to portray real-world events years before they happen is because series creator Matt Groening is a Freemason.

A YouTube’s video by ChannelFrederator does a quick inventory of some of The Simpsons’ best predictions, like the tiger attack that foreshadowed the end of Siegfried and Roy’s career and somehow knowing who would win a Nobel Prize years in advance. More importantly, it tries to figure out the how and why of how the Simpsons is able to keep making these predictions, settling on the conclusion that a show so long running is bound to hit the nail on the head a few times and even influence cultural trends that appear to make the show seem psychic.

The video offers surprising support for it's theory that Matt Groening is a Freemason by analyzing some of the deeper symbolism in the show.

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