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Reader Submitted UFO Sighting in Glasgow, Scotland

Representation of the UFO Sighted in the following reader submitted story

As I follow UFO related Facebook Groups, such as the one I organize called the Western Pennsylvania UFO and Paranormal Group, I occasionally come across an interesting sighting and reach out to the witness. Such was the case in the following reader submitted sighting. I contacted the witness and asked if he would like to give me some additional details about what he saw. With his permission, I share his story below. This particular UFO Sighting occurred in Glasgow, the largest seaport in Britain. What s is particularly interesting is a follow up visit by an eerie woman following the UFO sighting, a possible extraterrestrial visitor in disguise who was looking to see what effect the sighting had on the experiencer.

Hey would you like to tell more about your sighting? I can share it anonymously if you like. I've published stories from other witnesses.

I've shared it many times Perry. Just with friends and family at first then after years groups on Facebook when they came about. The ridicule was bad so I deleted all groups and carried on with life as normal. It's only in the past year I've come back to these groups and sharing my experience again is totally different. It's been more accepting. Like feeling part of the human race again.

Wow. I am sorry to hear you had such a rough time. I can promise that our readers are more open minded. Skeptical, but open minded. I will say one thing to you brother. I am not a liar or known to be a liar or anything of the sort. In fact the complete opposite. Too truthful for my own good sometimes my friend. I still have my morals intact etc. Just an insight into the kind of person I am if I'd expect you to listen to me and take what I say to be fact.

Understood. So tell me about what you saw. Well it was a night in 1999-2000. Roughly summertime. My folks were on Holiday and myself and my partner at the time were residing at my folks house. It was late. I was watching tv and my partner had just fallen asleep beside me. I had an urge to look out the window so sat up and looked for a few seconds. Then I saw this light to my right in my peripheral. I slowly turned to see this huge orb the size of a basketball but shape of a USA football. Rugby ball where I'm from. It was full of bright neon colours all mixing together like liquid light. I immediately froze in the fear of the unknown. As I realized what I was looking at I shook my partner awake saying to her look, hurry look. As she sat up and looked at it, it turned neon red. She asked "what's that?" Like I knew. I said "shhh don't move". We both froze in the fear of the unknown. As it continued it changed to a neon pink and moved out of sight. I even noticed a gas coming from the back of it like heat wave on a hot road.

Similar football shaped UFO Sighting

As it left view I bounced from my position on the bed thinking hurry to another window. With my g/f asking me not to leave her. So I continued to speak with her as I reached the window hoping to reassure her. After 20-30 seconds I hurried back to her with the realization of what just happened. She asked me.what was that and I could only respond a UFO. I then thought of contacting the police as she asked what should we do my response was nothing. We're doing absolutely nothing.

So we carried on as normal like I say only telling family and friends.

A couple of days later we were going to paint the rear garden fence and this beautiful woman in a suit let herself into my garden and around here that's very out of character. So as I heard the gate open I went towards whoever it could be. I was blown away with such beauty mumbling my words to her. "Uhh, can I help you?" She went onto ask of our beliefs and how we (view) God would be etc. So I answered hastily "an old man with a white beard in our skies" while blushing and giggling. I then told her we are about to paint. That we are busy. So she said she'd leave. I did say stay and have a cup of tea if you like, but I must paint. She said no that she must go. I didn't connect this till years later. Just thought at the time must have been a Mormon or Jehovah. Never seen her before or since. Two weeks go by and I hear there was a local media reporter on top of a high rise flat in my area that reported on seeing it (the UFO) in the local paper. It's said he saw it as neon green. I did not know about this report until a couple of weeks, maybe more, after it had been published.

That is a pretty amazing story. It sounds almost spiritual with the strange visit from the woman. All true my friend. I could add more that becomes very private regarding the outcome of the relationship I had with the woman that witnessed this with me.

Share whatever you like.

We went onto fall out just before she fell pregnant with my son. I've seen my son once in the 16 years of his life. When he was 6. I did ask her before leaving that day if she remembered. She said I must have set it up somehow. Like manifested it. I could only laugh Perry.

I thank you for your interest and confirm this is all truth. I do have to add there has been a nasty side to it. And I'd only be bad naming those that caused the negatives that surround it. There was also loss of life I believe strongly connected out of my hands.

Please explain.

It goes deeper. My best friend was cheating with my partner that I shunned when discovering this. I washed my hands of them both.

This lad lost his life in a fishing accident. I had a very strange dream that he was begging, pleading for my forgiveness. Similar to reality but like reality I denied him. He replied in my dream if you don't i'll go to hell. I said enjoy your journey. I awoke in a sweat thinking wow nightmare and went back to sleep. When I awoke for that day it became a reality he lost his life on a fishing trip with 3 others. Again all truth my friend. Where did this sighting happen?

Glasgow. Where I'm from Perry. Scotland UK.

Awesome. I'm going to write this up as an article. I won't mention your name. Any other experiences?

I see them very regularly but never as close as that first time. I always go and get a family member and say look at this one. I still see them occasionally. I recorded a blue orb. It wasn't the greatest footage. Was clearer with the naked eye.

Do you have any explanation for what you saw?

Genuine UFO bud. I had someone claim it was the international mapping system Google owned. But when you've seen a UFO as close as myself you see through the bullshizzle.

How large was the UFO?

Hard to say as high up (as it was). But with the naked eye it looked a fair size. If you mean the blue orb I'd say large trampoline sized. I know strange description lol

If you have any information related to this Glasgow, Scotland UFO Sighting, or wish to report a sighting of your own, please contact me at blackdiamondsocialclub@gmail.com, or through the Western PA UFO and Paranormal Facebook Group.

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