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Tiffany Baze: Girl Gone Gory

Tiffany Baze is an 18 year old from Willits, California with a special talent: she can make some amazingly realistic special effects that are Hollywood ready. She first developed a taste for for the grotesque while dressing up for Halloween when she was 12 years old. All she had then was a little latex and fake blood, but it ignited a curiosity in special effects that developed into a real talent. While other teen girls were trying to copy the latest Kardashian look, Tiffany was busy experimenting with extreme special effects makeup.

When you look at her work it is easy to see she is already Hollywood ready, but Tiffany has never has taken a class in special effects makeup - in fact she is completely self-taught. She picked up a lot of her skills and techniques from YouTube videos. Even more surprising, she doesn’t use any high-end professional make-up: most of the materials she uses for the gory tricks are homemade.

After posting some of her work online, she received some nasty comments but she doesn’t let it bother her. ‘I get a lot of mixed feelings about it. Some think it’s really cool yet some wonder why someone would ever want to do something that makes you look so gory,’ she says.

Tiffany Baze has already been featured on the German TV Show "Galileo", and after her Instagram photos spread, began working in Los Angeles, CA recently. We hope to see her work in a movie soon.

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