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Paranormal Research Scholarship Winner

Paranormal Research Scholarship

Back in July, we were proud to announce our first annual, and we believe first ever of its kind, Paranormal Research Scholarship. Black Diamond Social Club promised to award one scholarship to a college level student based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an express interest in pursuing Paranormal Research. The only thing that we asked was that any interested researcher submit a 500 word or more thesis or outline for review.

The suggested areas of study included UFO's and Alien Abductions, Bigfoot sightings and the quest for evidence, sleep paralysis, and telekinesis and psychic abilities. Ghosts and ghost hauntings, demonic possession, Chem-trails, HAARP, Ancient Civilizations and GIants, were other acceptable areas of study.

We received just about 50 applications and proposed thesis, so it was a tough job to narrow it down to just one winner. The final decision came down to what could possibly be proven, meaning as much as we love UFO's and Alien abductions - any research or evidence would not be anything more than circumstantial or conjecture. So we looked at the hard sciences; things like chemistry, biology, and physics weighed heavily in our decision.

We hope that starting off with our scholarship, we could make a dent in some area of paranormal investigation. That doesn't mean we will not consider other less concrete areas of research for future awards, but right now we want to make a mark.

Paranormal Research Scholarship

Well the time has come and we are ready to announce our winner.

The first winner of the Black Diamond Social Club Paranormal Research Scholarship is a student from the Netherlands who is currently double majoring in Physics and Chemistry. The student is Magnus Marrissink, who submitted to us some research he has conducted into the topic of weather control. A self described conspiracy theorist, he emphasizes that he always strives to uncover the truth behind a topic. We think his research shows a lot of promise and hope to publish some of his research later for you to study.

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