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Go Fund Me and the Liberal Mindset

liberalism is a mental disorder

I recently followed a little story line that popped up in my social media feed. It seems an old acquaintance of mine had a little accident. He hit the neighbor’s dog while pulling out of his driveway. It sounds like the dog was pretty seriously injured. The poor dog even required some surgeries which the owners family could not afford. But in typical liberal thinking, it was the dogs fault. You see, the guy posted a complex narrative explaining how he had looked both ways before pulling out when suddenly! Sparky ran from between two cars right into his bumper.

Now this is totally plausible. Dogs will be dogs, and we know they are not rational creatures. But the story makes no sense. If he was indeed looking both ways pulling from his driveway, how could the dog have suddenly appeared. How he could have gathered enough speed to cause the dog such harm. I smell a rat.

Now in the latest update to the story, my friend asked for a show of support by asking all of us to donate to a Go Fund Me campaign that he set up. He even put up a long, tearful beg for help crying “he didn’t deserve this!” referring to the dog and I swear, I could almost hear him sob through the writing. And the cries sound soaked in guilt to me.

liberalism is a mental disorder

I watch my liberal friends comment, share, and post all sorts of things that beg for the world's empathy. There is always some travesty that needs my dollar of support. But quite often, these are causes of their own creation, symbols of guilt from their own excess. Now GoFundMe stands as a legitimate source for those in need to seek a means of help. I have seen victims of fire and disease, legitimate causes, relieved of burdens they had no economic hope of ever fighting. Then there are the liberal tears of transvestites who beg for reassignment surgeries, Kardashian wannabees who plea for a new nose, and every so often a guy who hits the neighbors dog and expects everyone else to pay for it.

So being curious, I took the bait and looked at the Go Fund Me page. To date, he has donated all of $20 to help the cause. And I’ll admit, this got me a little steamed. You see, my friend, he does all right for himself. Both he and his wife are well educated, work jobs which by my guess pay them six figures. And that’s not so much a guess because I know they were pretty close to that income level when I knew them nearly ten years ago. So it’s reasonable to say that they should have a combined income approaching or in excess of $200k per year. They live in an expensive neighborhood and recently moved into a larger house and placed their old one up for rent at $3500/ month. I know this because they made sure to share the listing and ask for all of us to let them know if anyone was looking for a house. In many ways they are the picture perfect couple, posting baby pics and picket fence shots that receive plenty of likes and comments like “what a beautiful family!”

They are also quite a liberal family, posting their thoughts on various liberal causes. It doesn’t bother me because it’s never belligerent, but it’s also quite obvious where the family stands on the political spectrum. Their anti-capitalism stance does strike me as odd though given that despite the success and prosperity they have achieved, they proclaim support of quite socialist views.

Now if you had done a wrong, and had the means by which to fix it, would you? If you hit the neighbors dog would you pick up the tab and make Sparky whole again, or would you start up a campaign asking for everyone you know to donate and fix the problem you caused?

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