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Basketball Player Baron Davis Recalls Alien Encounter

Baron Davis, a basketball player most recently known for his time on the New York Knicks, is also known for being a bit eccentric. Adding to his weirdness is a UFO Abduction story: Davis described the time he got abducted by aliens driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and then ate at In-N-Out Burger.

He talked about the experience on a podcast and when his hosts asked for more details, he explained he that had been driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning what the incident happened.

‘I see this light and it’s a big a**truck. And I said, oh f**k this is going to be traffic,’ he said.

‘Driving, driving and the next thing you know there’s a steel thing and these crazy looking people - half human, half ugly-looking mother f*****s.

‘They were poking me on the nose, looking at my eyes, they had my hands tied and the next thing you know I was in Montabello dude, burning rubber on the way back to L.A. at 4 o’clock in the morning.’

The two-time NBA All-Star sounded deadly serious and he stood by his claim even when his hosts asked him repeatedly if it was true, saying that he couldn’t explain how he traveled so far, so quickly. He says ‘I don’t think it was an abduction cause now I am sharper and s**t. I am retaining information.’

After his sighting was over he took the next exit which led to In N Out Burger where he stopped to eat and to calm down. Davis says he ate two burgers while shaking profusely and wondering what had happened to him.

Outside of basketball, Davis has acted in movies such as 'The Cookout' and guest-starred on TV shows 'Lincoln Heights' and 'The Forgotten'. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

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