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Anti-PC Women Want Men to Look at their Boobs Again

It's hard to deny that PC Culture has made even the most alpha of men a little hesitant to approach women. A career could be ruined by just one accusation - true or false. It makes you wonder if normal women, you know the kind who like men and would maybe like to ummm get married and have kids - wish that men would man up and approach them again. This satirical public service announcement is brought to you by women like that, ones with a sense of humor. It starts off like any other PSA until one of the frustrated speakers says in exasperation, “my breasts….are down here!”

“Do you think I’m wearing this bra because it’s comfortable?” she asks. “Sure there are times I want to be taken seriously,” she explains, but “those times I don’t wear this shirt!”

If you’re easily offended go ahead and skip this video. If you know how to take a joke you’re going to have an awesome time!

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