• Perry Jones

UFO Sighting or attempted Hoax?

I saw these particular images popup in a Facebook Group by a poster who said "look out the office window this morning and look what I see". Take a look at the photos. Do you think it's a UFO?

ufo hoax
UFO Sighting or attempted Hoax?
UFO Sighting or attempted Hoax?

Similar to the Water Tower UFO Hoax, it seems to me that the poster is trying to pass off a set of pictures of something else as a UFO. If you notice, the object does not appear to change its location - the images change distance, zooming in, but the object stays stationary. In picture three there is a second "object appearing" through what looks like heavy cloud fog...perhaps the fog cloud is lifting.

Does anyone recognize the location in the supposed UFO photographs?

If so please comment below so we can call out the hoaxer.

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