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Bigfoot Suit For Sale on EBay

Bigfoot Suit For Sale on EBay

We spend a lot of time on EBay looking for interesting items and came across a Bigfoot suit. But this isn't any Bigfoot Suit. It's a Hollywood film production quality suit that could lead to a rash of hoaxes. The auctioneer states:

Costume for Bigfoot. Built for a Documentary we were going to get produced but haven't yet. Now it is just laying around the shop so going to let it go as we are moving on to new projects. The winner of this auction gets the whole enchilada. Includes everything you see with feet and hands and chest piece in this auction. It has brownish hair but some grey and blacks in there. Used both human and synthetic blend hair.

The size is 2XL and would best fit an actor 6'2'' to 6'7''.The feet are built around shoes that are one size fit all and have 3 inch lifts. The feet are lightweight and actually designed to aid in walking or running over rough ground. Static latex mask, very detailed even has nose hairs, All individually punched. This suit is Built around a 7 piece modular system consisting of a pant and torso section easily donned and removed by the wearer with no assistance needed.

Shipping is a flat $100 dollars from Kentucky to anywhere in 48 states and Canada. Bidding ends on January 26th if you want to get a bid in. We just hope no one gets shot wearing this thing - it's pretty believable. If you are the winning bidder please contact us. We would like to know how you plan to use the Bigfoot suit.

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