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Alien Con Job?

AlienCon 2018

I received an email with an invitation to Alien Con 2018 in Pasadena, California. Since I am game for any kinda of UFO themed gathering, I quickly clicked the link. The holy grail gathering of UFO geeks promises the following:

Unlocking the unexplained mysteries that exist between science fact and science fiction

AlienCon 2018 will feature an amazing lineup including distinguished experts, the stars of Ancient Aliens®, and fan favorites from TV and film, brought together to explore the mysteries of ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial existence, and the unexplained phenomena of our universe.

From June 15–17, 2018, AlienCon will feature thought-provoking panel discussions, celebrity appearances, exclusive merchandise, fan competitions, and much more.

Take part in celebrity autograph and photo sessions with the biggest names in science fact exploration and fan favorites from film and television.

Visit the AlienCon Marketplace, showcasing specialty merchandise from Ancient Aliens®, AlienCon, and unique vendors from across the universe!

Add-On Experiences now available!

AlienCon Add-On Experiences are your chance to meet your favorite faces from Ancient Aliens! Autograph and photograph experiences are now on sale for AlienCon 2018.

***Please note: Tickets to add-on experiences do not grant attendance to the convention***

Alien Con 2018 Pricing

Now the cost to attend Alien Con 2018 is quite high, and needless to say, attendance is out of my budget. Besides the event ticket, one has to book a hotel room and plane ticket. Maybe if this was a family vacation you could make it worth the trip, but I don't know too many wives and kids that would accept this as the family's summer getaway. If I lived in California, yeah, I would probably consider a single day pass, but based on other conferences that I have attended I wonder if AlienCon can really deliver $61 of entertainment value to make it worth the trip. At the Gold Pass level you get some bells and whistles, but at that price ($549) I could plan a trip to Area 51 and maybe actually see something.

AlienCon 2018 Guest List

The guest list includes a few UFO heavy weights including Erich Von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods, who is the founding father of UFO and Ancient Astronaut Conspiracy theories. Giorgio A. Tsoukalosf will also be there and is dubbed as the founder of the Archaeology, Astronautics, and SETI Research Association. He is better known as the crazy haired guy of 1000 memes from the Ancient Aliens TV Show. Flying under the radar way down the guest list is Linda Moulton Howe, the investigator of the cattle mutilations back in the early 80's. You can also meet David Childress, who studies things like Peruvian skulls. I have actually been meaning to read his book on the subject The Enigma of Cranial Deformation: Elongated Skulls of the Ancients. Of course, Nick Pope is in attendance as well, the guy probably has a new book to promote.

Going to the convention and meeting just one of your UFO idols for a photo or autograph is going to set you back around $100. Which makes me wonder, is it just another money maker? It seems like the UFO Convention has just become another Star Wars or comic book show- pay admission, pedal a book and sell some autographs, eat some bad nachos at the concession stand, grab an overpriced t-shirt before you leave. I can't help but wonder if shows like Ancient Aliens have hurt the field as much as it has helped. Sure we have new people drawn to the UFO topic, searching for truth, but then we have a whole consumerist media circus with merchandise for sale.

Would I like to go? Sure. Would I pay the price they are asking? Nope. If someone at AlienCon 2018 wants to send me a ticket, I promise to give the show a fair and honest review, and if I was wrong about it being just another show to sell t-shirts I'll take my words back. If you can attend AlienCon 2018, its Friday June 15, 2018 through Sunday June 17, 2018. Get tickets here.

What do you think? Do conventions like this help or hurt the topic of UFO Research?

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