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Tactical Air Fresheners

You know we were facing a major dilemma. We wanted our office and cars to smell good, or at least cover up the stink, but didn't wanna be seen with any ole girly air freshener hanging from our rear view mirrors. That would put a major hit on our style points. After all, we work hard to cultivate our look with all the 2A bumper stickers and camo shirts we wear. Luckily a company called Tactical Air USA heard our cries for fresh smelling car interiors and came to the rescue.

Have a Favorite hand gun? Why not memorialize your love with an Air Freshener!

More of a Rifle Guy? Tactical Air has you covered!

Why settle for those every day boring standard air fresheners when you can show your support for the 2A and the USA by hanging these awesome looking air fresheners in your ride. These air fresheners measure 5" tall x 2.25" wide.

Hang these in your Auto, office, or even your firearm bag to keep them smelling fresh! Long lasting scent that lasts up to three weeks! Specifically made for Automotive use, comes sealed and ready to use! Order 5 or more and get FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!

Order them at Tactical Air USA

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