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What is Sexy: The Baroness

We are going to geek out for a minute and take the What is Sexy Series for a twist. If you sit there and think of some of the sexiest things to men - accents, leather, glasses, heels...then look for the perfect representation of that sexy ideal we can't think of a better example than Cobra Vixen the Baroness. She has a great figure, she is pro second amendment, obviously, since she is always carrying some serious firepower, and she comes across like a dominatrix which means she would be a freak in the sheets. The one problem we see is that all her friends are dudes, and she may have a boyfriend - some guy names Destro who is kinda built. Now if you don't know who the Baroness is, here is her Tinder Profile:

Ok, in reality, that's just the back of her action figure card from the Gen X era. If you're an 80's kid you might remember this:

So far the only screen adaption, outside cartoons, of the Baroness has been in the ho-hum GiJoe: Rise of Cobra movie where our girl was played by Sienna Miller. She looked good, but was not the perfect fit for the character in out honest opinion.

Now of course, fanboys have taken to creating their own fantasy interpretations of The Baroness, sorta like they did with Wendy. Here are some of the best fan arts we found:

Of course, when cartoons and comic books are involved, Cos-Players step up to the challenge, here are some interpretations of the Baroness:

If you find yourself becoming obsessed with the Baroness Fantasy, you can even buy this REALLY expensive action figure. Sorry GiJoe geeks, it's not a sex doll.

You can get this Halloween costume on Amazon for your girlfriend if she is willing to role play:

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