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Mad Monkey Coffee Review

We've mentioned it before, but let's just say we drink a lot of coffee here in the BDSC office. We work late - often into the wee hours - and need that extra kick to keep us going. The good thing is, there are a lot of health benefits to coffee (as our writer Brooke Bailey covered). Seeing that we often skip the gym to spend time writing, we could probably use some of those benefits to stay healthy.

When it comes coffee, we like it dark, bold, and strong enough to put hair on your chest. We haven't had a lot of luck finding a coffee up to the task, but we never give up hope and continue in our quest for the perfect coffee.

We keep bags of dark roast on hand, as well as an ample supply of K-Cups for the Keurig when we need a fast fix. We came across the Mad Monkey Coffee Capsules in Swingin Bold flavor on Amazon, and based on the reviews and price we couldn't resist trying them. Mad Monkey does offer a few other flavors as well. Here is the manufacturer description:

Mad Monkey is a dark roast for sure yet some how still manages to be a bit watery and weak. That's even with using the "strong" brew setting on the Keurig. We can only brew this to 8 oz. where as with most other k-cups we can use the 10 oz setting and still get a good strong cup of coffee. This would work well if you add a lot of creme and sugar to your coffee because you would still get a bold flavor and not notice the weakness, but if you drink coffee straight black like we do Mad Monkey will leave you disappointed. We probably wouldn't buy it again, though for the price it could work as a cheap coffee supply in a pinch, or as the stocked brew in something like a doctors office. Yeah, our dentist even offers free K-Cups as you wait.

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