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Book Review: Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof

Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof by Sean Keyhoe

Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof by Sean Keyhoe

This book was a collection of information or transcripts from various military and government officials (Bill Clinton for example) on the topic given at press conferences. The information was an attempt to provide context leading up to the big finish, the revelation of never before seen photos. The problem is, I think I may have seen them elsewhere.

The photos were supposedly given to the author in an arranged meeting with a man who worked on a base (Wright-Patterson?), he stored the sealed packet away for years, even misplacing them for a long period before finally recovering them from the attic when his ex wife decided to move out. This whole time he kept his promise to not open them and they went nearly forgotten. Human nature being what it is, when some one says don't open it you open it. Especially when the conversation where they were handed over involved UFO's. That throws up the radar on the story. The writing is well done, embellished with some personal opinion and a call for less hearsay and more factual reporting within the field. Know that if you are purchasing this it is for the two photographs on page 136. On the kindle version they cannot be blown up or enlarged for closer inspection, though the author does provide a gmail address for contact where is is willing to provide larger versions 'in the name of research'. The pics look like stills from the alien autopsy to me. His stated point is not for "monetary gain' but simply to get to the root or origins of these photographs and accompanying short letter which was included (other information was stated to be in the packet, though he didn't provide photographs of all which was in the envelope believing them to be less important - an oversight in my opinion). The book would have been better served focusing specifically on the photographs, attempts made to ascertain their origin, etc. I had mixed opinions on how to rate this; on one hand it's nothing new and covers no new ground, on the other hand perhaps this is something the researchers have missed and will be another step towards the whole story hence becoming a historical release. For that reason I went with the 3 stars, an average rating. At $5 bucks maybe it's worth having on the shelf but for another $5 or so you could buy The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure by Collins and get a very similar story.

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