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Taco Bell TV Commercial 'The Belluminati'

The Belluminati

It appears that there's a connection between the dollar and Taco Bell because $1 "unlocks" several menu items at the restaurant. In Taco Bell's new advertising campaign, it is implied that its low prices on dollar menu items like Triple Layer Nachos and Spicy Tostadas may be part of a greater conspiracy. Purchasing these dollar menu items makes you part of the Belluminati, a “not-so-secret secret society,” according to CMO Marisa Thalberg.

Taco Bell looked into consumer perceptions about value menus and found that consumers viewed the low cost menu items as a trade-off. “Maybe it wasn’t filling because it was really small or really basic or not really that exciting,” said Thalberg. “That’s not what they would say about Taco Bell, and we saw that as a real point of difference.”

Thalberg sees the brand’s efforts at changing consumer perception about their value menu items as “clever, but it’s also strategic, this powerful connection between the dollar bill and Taco Bell … also, the sort of playful idea of, ‘How do you get into a secret society where enlightened people are enjoying all of this decadence?’ Well, entry is a dollar, admission is a dollar, so it’s a not-so-secret secret society.”

But according to Fox News, country singer Charlie Daniels didn't see the humor, warning Taco Bell that ‘The illuminati is not a frivolous subject'. Daniels didn’t go into many details on his warnings to Taco Bell, but the 81 year old musician has written about the Illuminati and made his position known on “shadow governments” in the past.

In a 2015 Facebook post, Daniels said “I do have some very deep suspicions about people who operate behind the scenes and have undue and unmerited influence in the halls of power of the international political scene”. Read his full Facebook post below:

Surfacing Old Suspicions - Soapbox 12/15/14

There has long been a theory about a mysterious type of international shadow government, a confederation of world-class power players consisting of the super rich, bankers, entrepreneurs, captains of industry and politicians, the wielders of world wide influence that reaches into the seats of political power around the world, having their collective way with governments and influential power brokers on every continent in the Western World and very possibly beyond.

It is said they have the ability to elect and control leaders and influence policy, up to and including the start and finish of wars, economic parameters, currency flow and valuation and the editorial climate of major media.

Supposedly their influence is bipartisan in nature, reaching across aisles, party labels, ideologies and other degrees of superficial political persuasion working both sides of the street, capable of offering irresistible rewards and meting out career ending punishment for those who come on board and renege on their commitments.

In theory, the purpose of their confederation is the amassing of wealth and it's seductive partner, power, but the kind of power that comes from having the ability to move both colors of the pieces on the chess board and it's impossible to lose when you control all the players, pro and con and the possibilities are endless.

These stories have been around since the days of the Knights Templar and the Illuminati and are theorized in some quarters to be behind the push for one world government.

I don't know how much, if any, of the theory is true, an international mafia-like organization meeting in secret to decide the direction of world governments, the dispersal of wealth, the introduction of laws that benefit their causes, electing presidents, prime ministers, senators, congressmen and staffing state houses with those favorable to their cause.

In fact, the whole enchilada is a little too much for me to swallow, but having said that, I do have some very deep suspicions about people who operate behind the scenes and have undue and unmerited influence in the halls of power of the international political scene.

As we all know, America has been producing more oil in the last several years easing the price of gasoline and bringing robust economy in areas where the drilling and fracking are taking place.

This technology has been around for a long time, why is it just now being put into high gear?

With our newfound capacity to extract oil why should we not expand those operations exponentially and become totally independent of the Gulf States and other Middle Eastern Countries where American petrodollars finance terrorism.

And while we're at it why not supply our European allies with their energy needs and remove their collective gonads from the hands of Vladimir Putin and at the same time deal a blow to the rising Russian Empire by underbidding them on the internal market?

Why does our president want to expose America to the economy-killing hoax of international climate change policy, when the worst offenders are allowed to go on their merry way pouring more pollutants into the air in a couple of months than the US does in a year?

Why does he want to declare sections of our nation to be under the authority of the United Nations, and why does he insist that America should become a signatory of the UN small arms policy, which would eventually rid our nation of privately owned fire arms?

Why does America continue to add to a national debt we'll never be able to clear and who benefits from the bankruptcy of a nation when vast holdings become available for pennies on the dollar, fractions of their true worth?

Why was Obamacare rushed through our Congress and who has enough juice to persuade legislators to sign its almost 2,000 pages without even reading it, and who does it benefit?

Why are stifling regulations aimed at certain businesses and industries?

Why are our corporate tax rates kept so high that manufacturing is moving off shore in droves and who reaps the profits of humongous pools of willing workers and cheap labor costs?

Why was the Keystone Pipeline not allowed to go through?

Why is Barack Obama allowed to exercise executive privilege without restraint and why was the IRS allowed to persecute political groups who opposed the policies of the administration? Higher ups had to know it was going on.

Why, why, why the unanswered questions just continue to pile up. How and why are these things happening, things that make no sense at all, that hurt the economy of our country and hold a mortgage on the future of foreseeable generations.

The Federal Reserve ain't Federal at all; they are bankers.

The United Nations is a corrupt, anti-American, useless debating society that would like nothing better than to turn America into a third world country, why would a president even give them the time of day?

The immigration situation and the legislation proposed to deal with it is a joke; if it were serious it would put an iron clad cease and desist order against any illegal crossing of our border. Why is fixing the border not the first thing in the legislation and who wins from all the new soon to be citizens.

Is there an unseen hand pulling strings, manipulating from behind the scenes, calling the big shots, rewarding and threatening those who make decisions, controlling worldwide economies, fomenting unrest and pitting races against each other, influencing education, media, government, fiscal policy and pushing the world toward a one world central government?

I really don't know, but I do believe there are individuals and groups who have way too much influence on our elected leaders, whether they are united or act individually I can't say for sure, but I do believe they're out there in the shadows.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” - Matthew 16:26

The words of Jesus Christ.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

What do you think? Is the Taco Bell 'Belluminati' campaign a harmless and funny marketing ploy, or a sign of a deeper conspiracy to further infiltrate the minds of Americans?

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