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What is Sexy: Christmas Girls

Christmas is just a few days away and you finally get to open all those gifts your significant other has purchased for you. Maybe you kept your mistletoe out in an effort to get a few kisses, and expect to receive the usual: some new socks, a clean shirt, a power tool...but you know what the best gift of all is? A woman dressed like she is the gift herself. So if you're lucky and your girl is a real keeper, she has a special gift in mind for you later on Christmas night. She understands that men are visual - we like the packaging and unwrapping your lady from a sexy X-Mas themed lingerie and panties set is the best gift you could ever receive. So as our gift to you this Holiday season, we bring you this special Christmas edition of the What is Sexy Series: Christmas Girls. It's our biggest one yet, a collection of women begging for you to unwrap them on Christmas night.

Pro Tip: Be a little kinky - tell her to call you Santa as you tell her what a bad girl she has been.

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