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What is Sexy: Power Lifter Mia Sands

We know that a lot of our readers are aficionados of thicker women, and we are too. We may have found the ultimate thicc girl for you in power lifter Mia Sands, also known as Miss Mia Fit. The Danish fitness model and social media personality is well known in workout circles for her unique looks and life style, which she says “Defy the norms of today.” She is a sponsored athlete by high profile fitness companies. To maintain her impressive physique, she focuses on exercises like squats, bench presses, and dips with heavy weights, low reps, and short breaks between sets. Those exercises have helped fill out her 5'7" frame with between 175 and 185 lbs depending on where she is in the contest season. Mia aims to inspire her fans with her message “not be afraid to be different.” According to Why We Train, Mia was born October 11, 1987 (that makes her a Libra). Follow her on Instagram.

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