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What is Sexy: Girls Eating Bananas

What is Sexy: Girls Eating Bananas
What is Sexy: Girls Eating Bananas

We're pretty simple guys, but every now and then we can appreciate good art - a visit to a museum, a painting class, knitted crafts from our grandma. That's why this week we bring the world of high art to BDSC in the form of artistically produced images of beautiful women enjoying natures candy: the banana.

These women must really like bananas since they suck, slobber, and down them oh so slowly. For some reason we find ourselves turned on by watching them. Is that weird? Maybe it's because there is nothing like the beauty of a woman enjoying a meal. Savoring it deep in her mouth. Taking her time to eat every bit of it. Making eye contact seductively as if to say "this banana tastes so good".

These women have turned eating fruit into a form of artistic expression. Check out the art collection below and tell us if you think that watching a girl eat and suck a banana is as beautiful as we do.

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