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What is Sexy: Karina Lemos

Midgets, ahem Little People, are not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, their not our cup of tea. But after coming across sexy little person Karina Lemos after a What is Sexy fan request, we started rethinking our taste in women. Karina has been called the "world's sexiest dwarf" and we have to admit she is pretty cute. A lot of people must agree because she has 170k followers on her Instagram account. The tiny sexy symbol only stands 4'3" tall and says she has no hang ups about her size, in fact the Brazilian actress says that she works really hard to keep fit and be as sexy as can be. Now we still haven't completely abandoned our dating rule that a girl needs to be tall enough to ride a roller coaster... but Karina has us thinking that maybe we should get over our fetish for long legs.

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