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Introduction to Weather Control

Introduction to Weather Control

Back in September, Black Diamond Social Club announced the winner of its first ever Paranormal Research Scholarship. That winner was a student named Magnus Marrissink, who presented us with his paper on proposed research in weather control and manipulation. Magnus states that he considers himself to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but that he always strives to uncover the truth behind a topic. We think this first article shows a lot of promise and hope you agree. Be sure to comment below and tell us what you think of the article.

Weather Control

One must first ask what is weather control? For the sake of this article, we can define it as the deliberate altering of weather patterns by humans to create a desirable weather outcome. At least desirable for those at work, but that is the conspiracy theorist in me talking. Now the reasons for wanting to manipulate weather patterns could be as simple as wanting to encourage food crop growth with adequate rain fall, or to bring necessary water supplies via rain to drought stricken areas, but of course everything has a dark side. Some have suggested that weather control gives a handful of people the ability to destroy crops and thus limit populations on a whim by inducing starvation and droughts. Now we cannot honestly say that we have seen such devastation intentionally inflicted, but we have witnessed extreme financial implications such as in the recent Hurricanes in the United States and Puerto Rico. Such massive financial catastrophes can bankrupt economies and indirectly lead to food shortages and population reduction via population migration and reduced birthrates.

Weather control started out as pseudo-science and collection of tricks performed by charlatans to gain fame and convince people of their magic. Not until years later when scientists started to become more involved in the subject of weather control, and take a more formula driven approach to understanding the potential of weather manipulation, did we learn the mechanisms behind the process and the potential it held in controlling global events. The scientists overshadowed the charlatans by using conclusive experiments and convincing theories based upon the scientific method rather than just science fiction driven hopes. The first breakthrough came when two chemists, Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir, working at a research laboratory in New York, made a discovery. They learned that ice crystals could be introduced into super cooled clouds to create snow. This happened in 1946 and the process was called glaciogenic cloud seeding.

Cloud Seeding

Weather control and modification has continued to grow from that Schaefer-Langmuir discovery then until the top secret area of research it is today. There are different ways and methods of controlling weather, including techniques like frost prevention, fog cloud dispersal, lightning suppression, hail suppression and hurricane modification but the most popular one is Cloud Seeding. This method of weather modification is employed during drought periods to increase the volume of precipitation.

Cloud seeding is a form of weather control in which the droplets of super cooled water in the clouds are converted into ice crystals. Super cooled water in the clouds is liquid water that remains in liquid form even when it is below the freezing point of water. The two most commonly used substances to achieve cloud seeding are solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) and silver iodide.

Introduction to Weather Control

There are two techniques of accomplishing cloud seeding using either of the seeding agents. One is to use burners to burn the solid silver iodide on the ground. The smoke that results from the burning contains many tiny particles of silver iodide and travels up to the clouds. Another technique is to throw the cloud seeding agent on top of the cloud from an airplane. If the seeding agent is dry ice, it should be reduced into fine powder before spraying them onto the cloud. Silver iodide can be discharged from flares fasten to the wings of an airplane. Such methods of dumping cloud seeding agents onto clouds may be the source of many chem-trail stories we hear. Even celebrities have noted the mysterious phenomena on social media.

Cloud and Fog Dispersal

The techniques used in cloud seeding can be used to disperse clouds and fogs. This kind of weather control has produced great results for clearing fog banks at commercial airports and seaports which otherwise would have caused a halt in air and sea travel activities. Ice crystals or silver iodide can be used to cause the droplets of water to condense and precipitate, thus dispersing the fog.

Hurricane Modification

The technique of cloud seeding has also been used in this type of weather control. The essence is to dissipate the stored energy in a hurricane by cloud seeding the center of the hurricane and its surrounding winds of high velocity. Experiments and tests have been carried out on this subject and they have yielded positive results.

Hail and Lightning Suppression

Hail storms have devastating effects on crops and homes. Many people have reported hail several inches in diameter this year and those large balls of ice cause tremendous damage to buildings and can wipe out a whole season of food supplies. As a result, many constituents of what we consider to be a varied and well rounded diet can be in short supply and thus the price of many foods rise. The economic costs to repair hail damage can cause a spike in insurance premiums for home owners as insurance companies look to recover their loss and protect against future losses.

weather control

Lightning causes many forest fires. This reduces the supply of building materials and the quality of air. A large magnitude hurricane causing severe structural damage, combined with a lighting storm in a key forested area could potentially reduce the ability of a devastated country to rebuild. This is the reason why governments and scientists have taken keen interest in hail and lighting suppression for weather control. The theory behind hail suppression is that it can be achieved if the nuclei are flooded into the atmosphere to allow moisture to condense and then freeze. This is likely to prevent large hails from forming. It was suggested that thunderheads should be seeded with aluminum fibers to allow electric charges to dissipate in the clouds. Research on both hail and lighting suppression have not been yielding positive results thus far.


Several controversies surround the practice of weather control. Its usage, and its social and ethical effects, are being questioned. Often the loudest voices in the quest for disclosure about weather manipulation are the victims of the devastating weather events. The people who have lost their homes, jobs, and personal belongings that cannot be replaced. One must ask if weather control is possible, have our governments toyed with its use and caused results that were unexpected, or was the intention more sinister? Perhaps the aim was to protect us, but if so why not reveal such humanitarian acts? These questions have brought one of the worlds largest weather control projects under scrutiny: the USA’s military defense project called Project HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Amidst all these controversies on weather control, research and tests are still on going and sure to receive increased government funding in light of recent events. We can only hope they aim to discover safer and more efficient methods of weather control.


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