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The Swiss Army Knife

swiss army knife

I recently talked about the importance of a man carrying a knife in my article Why a Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife. In that article, I stated that:

In the "old days" men always had a knife on them. Not for violence, but for utilitarian purposes. Things like opening a letter, cutting off a loose thread on your clothing, opening a box, removing a tag, sharpening a pencil, fixing that snagged fingernail. All those little roadblocks from day to day that divert you from your real goal. When I get an Amazon order in the mail, I cant wait to open it up, yet I can never seem to find the scissors to cut open the impossible plastic packaging. But my knife is always in my pocket to assist me in tearing through it. A pocket knife is a faithful companion.

I also talked about manliness being a lost art form. Now manliness isn't something that just comes to you, it starts at a young age. The morals and values instilled by your parents, and for a boy, most importantly by his father. What is manliness? To me, at the heart of manliness is being prepared for anything life throws at you day to day, small or large, and being able to react to those challenges and overcome them.

Now as a boy my challenges were things like getting the knot out of my shoestring, or carving up a stick I found in the woods behind our house. But my dad, he recognized those challenges and gave me my first knife, a Swiss Army Model. That was a major father son moment, my dad recognizing that I was growing up, handing me his old knife that he used for years and saying "here, you might need this". It was like a passing of the torch, initiating another man

Now my mom was a little scared, but my dad assured her I would be fine. And for the most part I was. I did cut myself once (and hid it from my mom) but that quick lesson taught me to use the knife safely. And I felt the powerful with that knife. I would carry it with me on adventures looking for something I could use it for. It taught me to look at the world around me a little bit differently, as if it was something I could face and overcome.

This Swiss Army Knife is a classic. Its the perfect starter piece for any young boy. I still have one, and I think any knife guy should have one in his collection if just for the memories. I will admit, there are a few times every year when that knife still bails me out. Usually it's when I need a wine opener.
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