Rapper B.o.B. Seeks Funding to Test the Flat Earth Theory

from Coast to Coast:

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One of the most prominent proponents for the controversial Flat Earth conspiracy theory has launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at settling the debate.

The rapper known as B.o.B. spawned headlines early last year when he took to Twitter to declare that the Earth is flat.

His surprising comments generated a myriad of largely derisive news stories as well as a strong rebuttal from astrophysicist and celebrity scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

However, it would appear that the ridicule did not deter B.o.B. as he now hopes to answer his critics with some hard scientific evidence.

B.o.B Talks Conspiracy Theories

The man behind the hit song 'Nothin' on You' announced on Monday that he is looking to "send one if not multiple satellites as far into space as I can."

The purpose of the probes would be to see if they can show B.o.B. the curvature of our planet which, as a Flat Earth enthusiasts, he believes does not exist.

In order to cover the cost of such an ambitious idea, which he estimates to be two-hundred-thousand dollars, the Flat Earth fan is asking fellow advocates for the conspiracy to help fund the project via a GoFundMe campaign.

Although the endeavor was only announced yesterday, early indications are that B.o.B. is likely tofall far short of his lofty goal as less than $1,000 dollars have been donated after the first day.

That said, while he may not succeed in getting any satellites launched into space, the rapper's campaign is already generating a considerable amount of mainstream media attention.

And, considering that one of the goals of Flat Earth community seems to be simply raising awareness of the theory, the endeavor might already be considered a victory as it will certainly reach more people than all of the billboards, graffiti, and other strange signage we've seen this year.

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