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What is Sexy: Trump Girls

It's not popular opinion (or maybe it is based on the last election) to like our Commander in Chief Donald Trump, but the girls in this weeks What is Sexy collection have no problem raising a finger to popular opinion and showing their support for our President.

Now the liberal left has made sure that we all know that Trump has had his share of sexy ladies in the bedroom, but these girls take the cake when it comes to sexy. These are the kind of girls you can take home to meet your mom, who will laugh in the face of political correctness when you tell a joke, and who will proudly wave our flag in support of her country and second amendment rights.

These Trump supporting girls are true All American girls, so enjoy the collection below and share it on your social media to piss off your leftist friends who secretly hate you for pulling tail like this, while they are left with some fugly shaved head feminist to go home to.

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