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What is Sexy: Reflective Desire

WARNING: THIS POST IS NSFW. We stumbled on to the dark side of YouTube recently and came across Reflective Desire. We are still digesting exactly what Reflective Desire is, but we gotta admit we can't stop looking. Now, we do a feel just a little bit dirty after watching it, but there is also a morbid curiosity. From the latex and the yoga, whatever you think - it's an interesting experience. The website describes itself as "the work of over twenty enthusiastic kinksters scattered throughout the world". There is a dedicated web-store which does offer bondage gear for sale, a YouTube channel with a whole host of videos, and you can follow them on Instagram if you're old school and like to look at dirty pictures or want to catch a peek at work. We chose some of the more interesting (and tame) ones for you below. If you are new to the BDSM scene this may just be the site to ignite a new fetish, or spark up your love life.

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