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I’m going to take a moment to discuss the motivation of our current generation. Or rather, the lack there of. I was recently having a conversation with the guy who sits in the cubicle behind me. Just a little banter between calls. I mentioned I was working the July 4th holiday to make a little extra cash to pay some bills. He replied “I’m only 22 and I live at home so I don’t have to worry about all of that”. I found that an odd statement, as if 22 is too young to have to pay bills or have responsibility.

We kept talking and he mentioned that he only works part time. That’s weird because our job is always begging for people to work overtime. It’s just about always available. So working part time is a choice, and that’s perfectly acceptable when you have other things going on in life. So I wondered what else he might have going on and asked if he went to school. He said no, he had “though about it” but wasn’t sure he wanted “to get into all of that”. At that point I just had to say “righhhtttt” and turn around. It was obvious I was dealing with a typical millennial here.

That might sound harsh, and some of you critics will say “he is only 22, he needs to find himself” and you are exactly like him. A problem. No work ethic or motivation to take advantage of the opportunities you are given, but are quick to point out everything the world owes you- though you did nothing to earn it.

Now our job, it’s ok. This isn’t a dream job for a person with years of experience under their belt. To me this was a chance to get into a new field with a company that has a worldwide presence, and therefore, jobs worldwide. For a 22 year old with no education, or aspirations for getting one, this is a fantastic opportunity. The starting wage is twice the minimum wage. You get 120 hours of time off per year. And for the motivated, our employer offers tuition reimbursement. So hey school for free! No need for Bernie Sanders here. I mean you only work part time you might as well better yourself, right? Well no, millennials don't want free education, they want someone to hand them a degree without the work.

I’ve talked about it before, but too many dudes are just worthless. They do nothing to benefit themselves and therefore do not attract quality females. This is the disease of the millennial. Too busy playing video games while being satisfied to settle for the low hanging fruit.

The interaction with my coworker made me think about where I was at his age. I worked a retail job that was as horrible as you can imagine. But it’s what I had so I made the most of it. I worked close to 60 hours a week when they would let me which was just about anytime. I rode the bus to work and spent close to 3 hours a day commuting to that minimum wage job.

Sometimes, on the days that my buddy worked, I went across the street and would go visit him. That buddy was one of the writers at Zesty Things. You see, we go way back. Zesty worked at the supermarket. He was a hard working dude like me. In fact, when I went over to visit him, we worked as we hung out. He worked in the dairy section of the super market. So as we stood there talking, we stocked shelves full of milk so that hanging out for a few minutes didn’t keep him from getting his job done. He worked a lot as well, and it paid off for him as he moved up.

So fast forward to now, and someone say guys like me and Zesty are jerks, or a-holes. Think what you want but we didn’t have anyone hand us anything. When you were out getting some bar slut pregnant, we were working. While you were mastering Grand Theft Auto, we were gaining skills. Now we have a generation of millennials who play on their phones all day at a part time job, go home and grab a Coke from their parents refrigerators, then sit down to a night of texting and video games. Of course, then they complain that they can't afford what ever toys they want and beg their parents to give them more money.

So what are the effects of all this laziness? We lose entrepreneurship, we lose ideas and creativity because we have a society that is distracted by time wasting pursuits. Worse yet, we lose the value of and appreciation for the accomplishments of our hard work. It is hard to appreciate something that is handed to you by your parents because there is no reward for something that you had to give up nothing for. So if you can identify with this millennial mindset, you see yourself taking things for granted, stop it. Do something different. Take a class. Work more hours and save the money for something important. Put down your phone and read a book. Invest in yourself and stand apart from the crowd. Talk to your grandparents if they are still alive and ask them about their lives. Soak in what they tell you. Ask them about what made them happy in their lives. I guarantee none of their answers will be anything you can think of. That's because there is something more to our lives then technology and the latest meme on social media. Don't just exist. Live.

Jeremy Wright is a self described opinionated bastard. Follow him on Facebook.

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