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Skeptical Believers in the Unexplained

Some things polarize people. One of those things not surprisingly is the paranormal and UFO’s. While you do have a handful of people who fall in the middle, choosing to hold their opinion until more evidence is accumulated, most of us choose a side, and like religion, fight for that opinion at all cost. Even if it means being wrong.

Though we are substantial contributors to our respective websites, and write on many of the same topics, Zesty Things and BDSC sit on opposite sides of the fence with our views about alien visitors. BDSC leans towards believing in their existence, where as Zesty Things says it’s mostly hogwash. Our differing opinions have never been an issue because we are willing to listen to each others view points, and we know that the other person in the conversation can provide some basis, even if it's circumstantial, for our particular side of the argument. Never once have we relied on a philosophic contingency - the notion that you just have to accept this foundational premise for everything else to fall in line and work. That's pseudo science in its most vulgar form and that kind of thinking doesn't pass the most basic of sniff tests.

Now where our two sites agree is that 99.9% of information out there is trash, Any Google search for UFO Sighting will yield a million results, and those top ranking results are more often than not the same result: a poorly written, made up sightings re-posted over and over by sites of dubious credibility. I will not name names, but there are so many websites and people reporting obviously false information that it pollutes the field and buries actual scholarly research. Way down the list on page 100+ of the Google Search results is buried really informative work by researchers working hard to provide insights in the case for (or against) UFO's and other paranormal topics. The problem is you never see that quality work because we, as a media consuming culture with attention span measured in milliseconds, rely on the latest trending article at the top of our social media feed to determine our opinions.

More often than not that opinion is so set in stone that there is no room in the mass collective for an opinion AKA evidence which contradicts this stance. One example was the Water Tower UFO Hoax, first labeled the Water Tower UFO Sighting. I reported on a site dedicated to exposing the truth on this sighting. Its administrator, Scott Browne, saw his post quickly attacked and deleted by the Facebook Group he posted to with no explanation. Zesty Things has suffered from the hands of the Facebook Gods twice: once when posting in a Nephilim Group - he barely had time to reply to the outrage over his opposing viewpoint before being banned with a copy and pasted "you have violated the terms" response. The second time was just recently for an article called No, China Did Not Admit That Aliens Are Real. That post was subsequently deleted after a small but positive response by those looking for the truth behind the curtain.

So take a few of these close minded people who refuse intellectual discourse and what do you get? Bullies. A bunch of bullies who kick you out of the room when you don’t agree with them. That's a really shitty feeling and the reason why Zesty Things and Black Diamond Social Club have collaborated to create a Facebook group dedicated to evidence and conflicting view points. Rest assured your post will never be deleted, as long as you enlighten our discussion, and you will never be banned for disagreeing. In fact, we encourage you to disagree. We enjoy a good debate. It's something I like to call "doubting to believe". Your faith is strengthened by examining the questions and answering them. Maybe some where along the way you evolve and re-examine your opinion based on new evidence. Now we do reserve the right to kick your ass to the curb if you spam our group with click-bait.

Check out our new group. It's a bird that has yet to grow wings. But with your support we can find truth in the search for disclosure - even if that great disclosure is that we were wrong all along.

Skeptical Believers in the Unexplained

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