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Thousands JFK Assassination Records Released Online

If you are a conspiracy theorist, the National Archives has released thousands of documents about the JFK assassination that makes for quite the summer reading list with an astounding 3,810 CIA and FBI files of interest. Even more interesting is that 441 have never been seen by the public before. Of those remaining remaining 3,369 files (minus the never before seen ones) which had been previously released, they no longer contain the well known black sharpie redaction - meaning that they are no longer censored and have been declassified.

Included in the release are seventeen audio files featuring interviews with a KGB defector who claimed to have been tasked with watching Lee Harvey Oswald when he traveled to Russia prior to the assassination.

Another flood of JFK files containing 3,000 documents that remain classified could be made available by October if President Trump issues a stamp of approval. While its doubtful that there is a document released that blows the case open and solves the mystery, its a fascinating and interesting release none the less.

The Archives set up the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection in November 1992 which includes close to 5 million pages of records. About eighty-eight percent of the collection has already been publicly available since the late 1990's.

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