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What is Sexy: Hilary Duff

So we get a lot of emails, umm hate mail, about our What is Sexy posts. A lot of feminists want to know who is our "perfect" female since our standards are so high. They seem to misunderstand what we are saying. If asking for a woman to take care of herself and look feminine is considered high standards - then so be it.

So in order to put our posts in perspective, we decided to look for a woman who exemplifies what we are looking for, at least physically. We found Hilary Duff. Now we know nothing about Hilary Duff, she could be a total bitch in real life, who knows. But she doesn't appear to be. She gives off a friendly approachable vibe, the girl next door, and has a beautiful smile and a positive energy about her.

She also has a healthy, alluring figure. Bubble butt - check. Curvy Figure - check. She radiates femininity, something heterosexual men are drawn to. Being that she is what men are looking for, no doubt the feminists will soon attack her. Now she may not be you're cup of tea, but it's hard to argue that she isn't attractive, if not beautiful.

It's our opinion that she sets a great standard for women to follow: keep your hair long, dress in a flattering way, and watch your figure. She isn't some fake, airbrushed girl and makes herself more attractive by not being afraid to show her real body.. Look at the bikini pics, that's a real ass. It isn't perfect, and real men don't expect perfect. The girl is thick and curvy, but obviously hits the gym. In fact, she has been blowing up the internet as of late with her sexy shape.

We can see why.

How old is Hilary Duff? Well she turns 30 on September 28th, 2017 meaning she was born in 1987. The chick has a net worth of $25 million, so if you can snag a date with her it's fair to split the check without feeling bad. Now I am sure some of you guys are wondering, has Hilary Duff ever posed nude? Are there any leaked nude photos? A few sites, like this one, claim to have them but Duff and her publicist claim they are fakes and even have threatened to sue sites that post them. So we won't. I mean we respect you.

One more reason she is a perfect catch, she like to fish:

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