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Nirvana Plays Radio Shack

While surfing YouTube, we came across some recently released footage of Nirvana before they were Nirvana (at least the one we know)...playing at a Radio Shack. A CLOSED Radio Shack. I hope someone releases some background information on this video.

Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic seem to be fake-playing their unplugged instruments while future Melvins member Dale Crover pounds on the drums. Now of course the group wasn’t known as Nirvana yet, so this is years before the album “Nevermind” exploded on the scene and killed hair metal.

After a little research, we found out that the 17-minute video was found and released by video archivist Mike Ziegler, a guy from Spin magazine, and it turns out the group is simulating a performance synced to a demo they had recorded the day before. As you can see, this is all while footage of the concert they performed the night before plays on TV screens behind them.

Maybe if Radio Shack had marketed some of this video, they wouldn't be closing down all their stores...

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