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My Favorite Cheat Day Foods

cheat day foods

I received some emails asking me what are my favorite cheat day foods. It's hard to pick just a few, but here are my top choices. Now keep in mind, it's a cheat day so don't judge me! I don't pig out like this everyday, and I definitely don't if I am dieting down or watching my carbs and fat intake. That said, we are human and every now and then we all deserve a cheat day treat with our favorite foods as a reward for all that hard work in the gym.

Cheat Day Foods

Biscuits and Cornbread - One reason to get out of bed on weekends is a nice big breakfast. Usually I will make some high protein pancakes, and along side those pancakes is either biscuits or cornbread. Sometimes when I'm not having pancakes I will make a breakfast sandwich with a biscuit. Usually i'll stack some eggs and cheese (protein sources) on my biscuit. I might mix in some bacon to the egg mix along with a dash of pepper and even some olives for a dose of healthy fats.

Cheat Day Foods

Cheese Burgers and Pizza - There is nothing more American than cheese burgers and pizza, and on a cheat day I will be having one of these for dinner. Yes, they are high fat, but the good news is that they are high protein. For a burger it has to be thick, and I love blue cheese and lots of pepper. I like my pizza pretty simple, lots of cheese and just a topping or two. My favorite toppings are bacon and pineapple, or olives and mushrooms. I don't usually get pepperoni since it has so much salt, so even when I am eating comfort foods I still have my workouts and diet in the back of my mind.

apple pie and ice cream

Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream - Usually on cheat day if I am feeling the need for a sweet treat, I indulge in some apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. No, it's not the healthiest, but at least I am getting some fruit in that apple pie.

Cheat Day Foods

Trail Mix - When reaching for a snack, or quick energy for a run or hike, I love trail mix. It's high carbs so it is a great fuel source if you don't over indulge. By adding some nuts or sunflower seeds to the mix you can get some healthy fats and protein as well. I also add yogurt raisins for some additional health benefits.

Cheat Day Foods

Candy - Hershey's Kisses, Snickers, Twizzlers, Reese's Pieces, Swedish Fish...I tend to like the candy that is almost pure sugar. But I know that if I have a serving of these treats on cheat day, it will not kill my diet.

I buy small single serving sizes so I can avoid the temptation to eat more during the week. I also find that keeping a little bit of candy on hand for those days when I am feeling down in the dumps, or need a pick me up when I am working out hard and feeling deprived, gives me a little mental edge. The Snickers and Reese's have a couple grams of protein, so that's a plus.

There it is, my favorite cheat day foods. Comment below and tell me what your favorite cheat day foods are.


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