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What is Sexy: Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is a perfect way to bring a little spice to a relationship. Maybe your man is off defending our country and is close to coming home: sending him a photo session is sure to fire him up. Perhaps your husband is a salesman who hits the road a lot, and you want to remind him what is waiting for him when he gets back, or even if your boyfriend is a normal guy who works a lot and isn't giving you the attention he did before - a set of sexy photos is a way to add fuel to a relationship fire.

The good thing with boudoir photography is that it works for every body type. A curvy girl can accentuate those positives, and a skinny girl can pose in such a way to highlight her unique assets. Of course, the level of sexy depends on the girl and her comfort level. You might want to start off with some simple lingerie and well placed blankets. If you are a woman comfortable in your skin, you may want to reveal a little more, even going fully naked.

Props for the session can be anything that enhance the theme of the session, so think of what your man would find sexy. The key with boudoir shoots is to be sexy in a way where less is more: show enough to be provocative, but not so much that you look like a porn star. Think of Betty page doing a burlesques show, teasing her audience.

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