Deformed Sheep Sparks Panic in South Africa

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Residents of a village in South Africa have been gripped with fear following the birth of a monstrous-looking sheep that appeared to be almost human.

Panic took over the town of Lady Frere when photos of the mutated stillborn lamb spread throughout the community and some of the village elders declared that it had been "sent by the Devil."

Subsequent suspicions of witchcraft at work in the village or an unholy union between man and beast spawned considerable concerns from members of the village.

Their worries were so profound that the South African government actually sent an official to examine the creature and determine its true nature so that the hysteria could be quelled.

Following tests conducted by a veterinarian, it was determined that the unfortunate animal was simply a sheep that had mutated during the gestation process due to a viral infection in its mother.

Despite the assurances by officials that the creature is not demonic, the villagers remain uneasy about the animal and reportedly want to burn it in order to rid the community of any perceived evil it possesses.

Should they go through with their plan, the superstitious villagers will not only rid themselves of the monstrous creature, but they'll also have a good case for having held the weirdest barbecue of 2017.

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