Time Traveler Spotted at Mike Tyson Fight?

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Time Traveler Spotted at Mike Tyson Fight?

An observant sport fan watching an old Mike Tyson fight from over twenty years ago may have spotted a time traveler lurking in the crowd!

The night in question was Tyson's much heralded return to the ring in 1995 for a bout which was one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Before the fight begins, the camera focuses on Tyson warming up in his corner and catches sight of a spectator behaving somewhat strangely for the time. The fan can be seen holding a silvery, rectangular device which looks eerily like a smartphone of today.

However, of course, camera-equipped cell phones had not become available to the public yet, making the nature of the device rather puzzling. This has led some to believe that the man in the video may have been a time traveler taking in one of 1995's most talked about events.

Skeptics, on the other hand, suggest that the man with the mysterious device is merely holding a then-cutting edge camcorder that he was somehow able to sneak through security at the venue.

Attempts to find the specific make and model for the theoretical camcorder have yielded some intriguing possibilities for what he had been holding.

Even if it turns out that the man was not a time traveler, it's safe to say he was ahead of his time, since he seems to be one of the first people to adopt the obnoxious modern trend of filming an event while sitting in the crowd.

In fact, if one did not know the footage was from 1995, they would likely not even think the scene was out of place, since such a sight is so commonplace today.

So while the footage may not constitute evidence of time travel, it could lead us to solving the mystery of who to blame for why the guy in front of you at the concert insists on watching the performance on the tiny screen of his iPhone while it unfolds in real life only a few feet away.

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