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Brad Pitt Alleges that Angelina Jolie is a Member of the Illuminati

Brad Pitt Alleges that Angelina Jolie is a Member of the Illuminati


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were once considered one of the most stable and happiest of all Hollywood’s golden couples, and they both worked exceptionally hard to maintain their image as philanthropic, sophisticated and loving heads of their large family.

In the past week, all of this has fallen apart as the two have taken to the media to demonize each other in what is shaping up to be the ugliest and most sensational Hollywood divorce for many years.

The public has been stunned by the allegations made against Brad Pitt in the past week which has including heavy drinking, substance abuse, violent outburst and poor parenting. However, the allegations made against Angelina Jolie may put all of this into the shadows.

According to anonymous sources, Pitt has outed his wife as a member of the Illuminati. BRAD PITT ALLEGES ANGELINA JOLIE IS A MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATI. A mere four days after Jolie filed for divorce, a leaked video was uploaded to YouTube. This video shows Jolie, aged 23, explaining the inner workings of Hollywood to a friend and talking about Illuminati rituals which she claims that she has partaken in.

It has been alleged that Jolie has been a fully-fledged member of the Illuminati for many years and that she has thoroughly embraced the ethos of the shadowy organization as well as the considerable benefits that membership has offered to her and her career. These sources have suggested that Pitt was never interested in the organization and instead maintained a safe distance. But is that the case?

Whispers about Pitt’s involvement with the Illuminati have been circulating for quite some time. These rumors appeared to have been given credence after he was observed making Illuminati 666 gestures on camera and after he made remarks to a New York interviewer about making a deal with the ‘devil’ to ensure the success of his latest film project.

It has been presumed that the video was released by Pitt or by people close to him to distract attention from the sensational stories about him becoming drunk on a private plane and becoming physically abusive to his fifteen-year-old son, Maddox. However, he may have simply drawn attention to his involvement in the mysterious organization which could do him more harm in the long run. Please watch the video below:

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