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Katy Perry: Another Hottie Lost to Feminism

Feminism Katy Perry

If you read my article Spotting A Future Radical Feminist, then you know I hate Feminism. It really is a cancer which continues to spread. Hollywood and its celebrities continue to push the agenda, as ugly women and gay men encourage beautiful women to de-feminize themselves to avoid the attention of men. That's an ironic situation, since it's the attention of men (mostly) that made these female celebrities famous.

Our most recent victim to the feminism plague is Katy Perry. Look at the picture above. Even if she isn't your type, it's hard to deny that Katy Perry is an extremely attractive, if not beautiful, woman. She has it all - a slim, yet healthy figure with curves in all the right places. She has the smile, the girl next door charm with a little bit of Rockabilly edge, and long beautiful hair. Everything that men lust after and women aspire to be, so it makes perfect feminist sense to defile her, starting with her hair.

Feminism Katy Perry

I quote myself here:

Even though she (the future feminist) has a checklist of acceptable or ideal male characteristics, you are not allowed to find traditional female characteristics appealing. Truly heterosexual and feminine women understand that men are attracted to long hair. Along with breasts, it's probably the most obvious sign of femininity, and it's often the first thing a man notices about a woman.

So why would any non feminist woman chop off one of the predominate attractors for male attention? Because she doesn't want male attention. So if you see a woman experimenting with significantly shorter hair styles, especially if she tries the current fad of shaving the sides of her head like a man, consider yourself warned.

I personally find short hair to be one of the biggest turn offs in a woman. Long hair is meant to be pulled during sex, a way to display dominance over a woman. If she cuts it off it is a sign that she doesn't want you, or any man, to have control over or dominate her.

This is why the current feminist movement perpetuates the idea of body positivism and fat acceptance, encouraging body types which usually do not attract male attention. Feminists encourage women to defeminize themselves by displaying typical male hairstyles and wearing boyish clothing, and will attack women who refuse to bow to feminist pressure to be more masculine.

Feminism Katy Perry
Feminism Katy Perry
Feminism Katy Perry

Now feminists will argue that as a society, we focus too much on looks, and people of all shapes and sizes, yadda yadda, can be beautiful. If that was completely true, then why doesn't Meryl Streep make the cover of a magazine more often?

Sure, everyone agrees she is an amazingly talented actress, but do her career earnings even come close to what Katy Perry earns in a single year? I can't say for sure, but I really doubt it. That income disparity is because of sex appeal. So sure, there is a SMALL percentage of men who find Meryl sexy, but it's a fraction of the population.

A much larger percentage find Katy Perry sexy, both male and female, therefore she is a more marketable woman. There is no overlooking the fact that Katy Perry > Meryl Streep when it comes to sex appeal and profitability. The only man I ever heard mention Meryl Streep and the word sexy in the same sentence was my weird and really obese middle school French teacher.

But it seems all that attention that brought her riches has become just too much of a burden to handle. Katy had no problem using her sex appeal to grow her brand, but now that she has the money (and the feminists have talked in her ear) it seems she is having second thoughts on fame and attention. Notice how she mentions a friend who "enlightened her". According to Yahoo:

Katy Perry Talks About Becoming A Feminist & Using Her Sexual Power

The word "feminist" has myriad connotations and as a result, many girls and women are hesitant to embrace the label. Katy Perry used to be one of those women and in her latest YouTube video, she talks about the good friend who taught her what feminism really means.

"One time, I said I wasn't a feminist because I didn't know what the word meant," the 32-year-old singer reveals. "I was raised with this idea that it was just these angry women that were, like, not shaving their pits and burning their bras. And the reality is that if you look up the word 'feminist' in the dictionary, it really just says someone that wants equality for women. That's it."

Perry says a close friend changed her life when she pulled her aside for an honest conversation about feminism. "She said 'I love you so much and I just want to explain what this word [feminism] means,'" Perry recalls. "You can do that with your friends. That changed my life forever and I'll be forever grateful for it."

The singer and her dinner party guests, which included the likes of Sia, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, and poet Cleo Wade, also discussed sexual empowerment through the lens of feminism.

Perry says she went through a phase where she over-sexualized herself without feeling or knowing her sexual power. "I used it as a manipulative tool, unfortunately," she says.

My question to feminists is, if your movement is about empowerment why is it that you must shave your head in some act of rebellion? Simple question right? I understand the argument in the article/video about over sexualizing of a performers image, but why not tone it down? Why is it necessary to completely do a 180 degree turn?

Isn't there some layer of deceit by abandoning your previous image? Suddenly reinventing your image tells your fan base that you lied about who you were. You were simply a fake friend who acted in such a way as to make us like you. It didn't work for Brittney Spears when she shaved her head, she is right back to pushing her sexualized brand. She quickly realized that as far as Hollywood and her fans go, that is who she is and must be if she wants a career, and the resulting wealth, fame, and attention she so desperately craves.

So after all that feminist enlightenment and new found empowerment, what do we get? Here is the New Katy Perry:

katy perry feminism
katy perry feminism

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Boy George now? Her new found empowerment has not gone well, if anything it opened a can of worms. In fact, it seems the woman is falling apart. According to this article, Katy Perry is suicidal and struggling for an identity:

Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts

Katy Perry opened up about having suicidal thoughts during a marathon weekend livestream event.

"I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low, and that depressed," she said Saturday on YouTube during a tearful session ...

The pop star has been livestreaming herself since Friday, filming her life for anyone with an internet connection to see. She's been doing yoga, hosting dinner parties, sleeping, applying makeup and singing, of course.

By Sunday, the most revealing 60 minutes of the four-day "Katy Perry — Witness World Wide" event was her time with Singh.

Perry told Singh she struggles with her public persona. In the past, she said, she has had suicidal thoughts. She talked about the challenge of being her authentic self while promoting her public image as she lives "under this crazy microscope."

"I so badly want to be Katheryn Hudson (her birth name) that I don't even want to look like Katy Perry anymore sometimes — and, like, that is a little bit of why I cut my hair, because I really want to be my authentic self," she said.

Maybe Katy Perry deals with her demons and comes back to us, but you know she will never be the same. Brittney Spears is a different person. Hollywood does that, it changes people for the worst. Adding feminist indoctrination to the mix exacerbates the problem. There is a certain type of person drawn to Hollywood, those with fragile egos looking for validation under the spot lights. Yet when they find it they turn and run, left to wander in search of who they really are.

Feminism Katy Perry