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Buy a Masonic Lodge

from Old House Dreams:

1914 Masonic Lodge – Little Falls, NY – $325,000

It looks like we missed a prime opportunity to join the Illuminati. If you owned a masonic lodge would they have to let you join, right? This 1914 Masonic Lodge was up for sale in Little Falls, NY for only $325,000, but it looks like the spot has been taken off the market....hmm. We're not saying it's a conspiracy, but it's a conspiracy. This would have been a pretty sweet spot to perform some Masonic Rituals, hold Bavarian Illuminati ceremonies, or serve as a nice getaway after those intense Bohemian Grove Parties. Oh well, looks like were still in the market for a new office space.

From the Listing:

Incredible Building! Former Masonic Lodge in perfect condition. Over 12,000 square feet of space! The walk-out basement, now a ceramics studio, has the wood floors of the original bowling alley! The Main Level is now 3000 sq. ft. of dramatic living space with a large, spacious, open floor plan, including beautiful oak trim and arched openings. One bedroom is in the round turret, the kitchen is amazing with extensive cabinets and huge windows. The dining room and living room are wow rooms! An auditorium with stage and commercial kitchen take up the third floor. The fourth level houses th...e Masonic meeting room, complete with domed ceiling and pipe organ. Fabulous property for an artist, an architect, a dancer, an entertainer, wedding planner, and the list of possibilities goes on and on. Make it your Castle today!

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