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Why a Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Why a Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Manliness is a lost art. What is manliness? At the heart it means being prepared - for anything life throws at you, small or large. Being able to react to those challenges and overcoming them.

In the "old days" men always had a knife on them. Not for violence, but for utilitarian purposes. Things like opening a letter, cutting off a loose thread on your clothing, opening a box, removing a tag, sharpening a pencil, fixing that snagged fingernail. All those little roadblocks from day to day that divert you from your real goal. When I get an Amazon order in the mail, I cant wait to open it up, yet I can never seem to find the scissors to cut open the impossible plastic packaging. But my knife is always in my pocket to assist me in tearing through it. A pocket knife is a faithful companion.

But it can help in other situations too by functioning as an emergency tool box: removing a staple, prying up a nail, punching an extra notch on your belt, an emergency screwdriver for your glasses, opening a can of paint, slicing paper or tape, scribing a line, carving wood.

A knife works as a makeshift fork, spoon, or knife. No, it's not ideal, but I did know a guy in college who would sit there carving off chunks of pepperoni with his pocket knife. You can slice cheese, open a beer, and if you have a Swiss army knife, open a bottle of wine. You get the idea - a knife is a great utilitarian utensil.

A pocket knife is an outdoor essential. I will even go as far as to say that any one who goes off into the woods without a knife is a fool. Countless situations can arise in the outdoors where your very survival is at stake. It could be as simple as a buddy tangled in a fishing line, or maybe a more dire situation where a quick hike on Saturday afternoon takes a turn for the worse. If all you brought is just a bottle of water you may not make it through the night. A knife can shave some bark and provide the spark to get a fire going. It's not a medical kit, but it may help you cut a seat belt in a dire circumstance like a burning or submerged car, or allow you to cut that notch into your belt for you to create a makeshift tourniquet.

Finally and arguably most important, a knife is a survival weapon. I wont pretend that a knife will protect you from a robber with a gun, but in a one on one mugging I am not going down without a fight. Maybe just showing the knife is enough to scare an attacker away. If it's not, I am making sure he goes home in some pain - even if I never see the light of another day. I refuse to be an easy target.

I can't tell you what knife to carry. I prefer a locking blade because I don't want an attacker being able to close it back on my hand. If all you have is a cheap $10 folder, it still cuts and slices. If you can afford something more expensive, that's great. What ever you choose, keep it sharp and keep it with you all the time.

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