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What is Sexy: Girls on Bikes

Bike riding is a great workout that beats staying in the house any day. It's an inexpensive form of exercise because you don't need a monthly gym membership, just a one time investment in a bike from the local Walmart. And as you get more into it, you can always upgrade your bike later. You can always vary the resistance as well, hitting the streets until you get your leg muscles built up, and hit trails later after you have built some endurance.

Bike riding hits the lower body, burns plenty of calories, and gets you outside to soak up some sun and vitamin D. A healthy diet and outdoor physical activity should be all you need to have a great figure. That is why we love to see a girl on a bike. It doesn't matter what kind - a beach cruiser, a mountain bike, BMX, endurance triathlon....there is something mesmerizing about watching a woman pumping her legs in a rhythm, propelled by a shapely booty in her quest for a healthy body.

Check out the pictures below and tell us if you enjoy seeing a sexy girl riding a bike as much as we do.

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