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Man Raped At Gunpoint So They Could Collect His Semen For Witchcraft

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Man Raped At Gunpoint

Man Raped At Gunpoint By Three Women So They Could Collect His Semen And Steal It For Witchcraft

Sexual assault against men is something that we rarely speak about as a society, but something that happens right under our noses. A man from a town in South Africa claims he was sexually assaulted by three women looking to steal his semen for the purpose of witchcraft, according to investigators. The man, who described his attack to police and police only, says he’s been left so traumatized since the incident that he is now too afraid to leave his own home. The strange attack has led police to believe that the women were in search of semen to use in a potion they were planning to concoct.

Attack. Sexual assault is nothing to joke about, no matter who the survivor is, or the circumstances. An unnamed man from South Africa told police his harrowing account of being held up at gunpoint by what he described to be three “well dressed women driving in a black BMW” reports the Daily Mail UK.

Gunpoint. The man told police that he had been walking down the street when the women pulled up asking him for directions. However as soon as he leaned in to help them out, the women pointed a gun at him and forced him into the car. Afraid, the man complied.

Semen. ”We only drove for a few minutes to a quieter place where they did what they wanted to do to me. They told me that they didn’t want my money or to hurt me, they said ‘what we want from you is your semen.’ I couldn’t understand what they were saying to me, it didn’t make sense,” said the man, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Water. The women began to grow frustrated because the man was too afraid to understand what was going on, so they gave him a water bottle full of a powder he says came out of one of their purses. He says over the course of 40 minutes, he drank up to five times.

Shock. ”Once they had got all the semen they could get from me, which they collected in a bag, they packed it in a cooler box. Then they just shouted at me to get out of the car and drove away fast. I was in a lot of pain and shock. I still am,” recalled the man, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Medicine. After telling his side of the story to police, an officer working his case said he thinks he knows why the women wanted his semen— for witchcraft. According to the officer, the women were likely practicing what is called “muti,” a form of traditional South African medicine that has led to several killings and mutilations as a result.

Investigation. ”There can be a demand for sperm in traditional medicines. The potion the women gave this man to make him stronger possibly may also have been some muti they had prepared, or bought for this purpose. I have experience in investigating other muti crimes, where private parts were stolen for witchcraft, but this is the first time I have heard of semen being stolen,” said Constable Mncedi Mbombo, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Traumatized. Police said they were investigating over cases where similar attacks have happened in the hopes of making some sort of connection and gaining leads as to who may be responsible for the crimes. Meanwhile, the victim says he refuses to leave his home because he is so traumatized after the incident.

Suffering. ”I haven’t told anyone about what happened to me, only the police. How can I tell any friends about this? Or my family at home? I am fortunate that I just live alone and can suffer without speaking of it. I am now on pain medication, but I feel scared to go on the street in case something else bad happens to me,” said the man, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Moving on. Despite the pain he’s in, the man says he’s trying to move past it and is hoping he will eventually see some justice for what has been done to him. An expert on these kinds of crimes, Professor Anthony Minnar has said that he’s familiar with this type of witchcraft and says they're usually carried out by traditional healers called sangomas.

Elements. ”Although I have not heard of semen being stolen, I imagine sangomas might be able to charge more from other clients if they can say that live human specimens are being used that make it strong muti. Human elements are worth more financially to the sangomas than just animal or plant elements,” said Minnar, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Assault. Just a few years ago, a Chicago woman also pointed a gun at a man who she forced to get into the backseat of her car and have sex with one of her friends, reports the Huffington Post. The woman didn’t know the man but had offered him a ride home at around five in the morning that day before assaulting him.

Arrest. The man was able to escape the car wearing nothing but his shirt and managed to flag down a car after also managing to get the license plate number of his attacker, which was useful for police in finding the attackers. The woman, identified as Cierra Ross, was arrested shortly and charged with armed robbery and sexual assault, reports the Huffington Post.

History. It was soon discovered that Ross, who was employed at a local Denny's already had a criminal record for prostitution, which earned her a misdemeanor.

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