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East LA Workout Craze Cholofit

from Fox 10 and Youtube:

'CholoFit': The latest (East) LA workout craze

“Put your arms out and you lean back and then you do a head nod and let that fool know what’s up,” says the cholo instructor. Creeper has been in prison but he doesn’t like to talk about it. He says, “Well, right now we’re not here to talk about that. I’m really just trying to do positive things but yeah I spent some time in a studio apartment up in Folsom for about 2-and-a-half. Now, I’m taking my life in a positive direction.”

Creeper is the brainchild of 36 year old comedian Frankie Quiñones. Frankie says everyone seems to at one point or another, met a Creeper and that is why they find him so funny. When Frankie began uploading videos of Creeper teaching CholoFit, they were an instant hit. In one video, you see Creeper leading a class saying, “We get started with The Trucha Workout; you be ready for anything that might pop up! La Jura (Police)!!!” They they all run in separate directions.

So, you can bring Creeper into your living room, workout to his videos or just laugh at the absurdity or you can join his “classes”. They’re not that expensive. “A lot of times, people bring me food. I like my chile rellenos, I got my energy tamales too. So it’s just to bring people together.” says Creeper.

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