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What is Sexy: Women Doing Housework

We are sure to ruffle some feminist feathers with this one, but we gotta admit that when we see a woman doing chores like laundry, baking a cake, or cooking and cleaning, something primal is awakened in a man. Seeing her bent over, working up a sweat to care for the home we share is just a turn on.

Now don't get us wrong, with more women than ever working, we realize a man needs to assume his share of the household chores. But we believe there is nothing wrong with a woman cooking up a good meal for us while we mow the lawn or do an oil change on the car. When we come in, sure we can pitch in a hand, but when she takes the initiative to put a meal on the table - we promise to put in the work later to show her how sexy it was.

That's why we are making women doing housework the subject of this weeks What is Sexy collection. Comment below and tell us if you think seeing your lady cooking and cleaning is a turn on.

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