• Mr. Right

Are You a Good Catch?

I talk to a lot of my friends and they complain about how hard it is to find "a good woman". While I do agree the pickings are slim, I can't help but think that equals attract. That might be in opposition to the common phrase "opposites attract" but I think it's more true. Let me explain.

Take a look at your average male today. He lives in his parents basement, often still drives a car on his parents insurance, and works only as hard as he has to. Many choose to be a perpetual student - part of the new generation that pursues college degree after college degree with no end goal in sight.

This new "educated idiot" generation has never held a real job, spend their weekends drinking and partying on money provided by their parents, while taking selfies on cell phones bought by their parents. It's as if they are afraid to leave the nest and step out into the real world.

As a result, we now have a generation of men who have become feminized. Taught that fighting is wrong in any circumstance, speaking your mind is offensive, and that if you cry enough your parents will buy you what ever you want. Most of these guys are focused on superficial pursuits; girl chasing, money and shows of wealth (believing it helps with girl chasing), or trivial past times like video games.

But none of that peacocking is self financed - so when the illusion fades, and she realizes you are a broke loser, you sink into a depression complaining about the "slut" who dumped you. These same guys spend little time investing in themselves by doing things like reading, developing knowledge and skills through hobbies, or pursuing dreams. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of accomplished men, but very often the motivation was suspect.

So when you look in the mirror, ask yourself this question: Are you a good catch? Seriously. Every guy I know, myself included, wants a hot wife who will stay in shape, be faithful, take care of the home, work hard at something, and cook and clean for him.

They basically want their mother, to be babied, because it's now the current standard - to be a sissy. It's nothing more than an Oedipus complex. But why would a woman of that caliber commit and give those things to you without the same in return? Are you in shape? Are you faithful? Or do you keep a collection of hood rats in the wait? Do you work hard and try to better yourself, or just come home to sit in front of the TV and play video games?

Because most modern males fail to reach those standards, as simple as they are, they settle for what ever woman will have them. Chances are that the woman you settle for is just as flawed. She is looking for someone to split the bills with, is equally unmotivated and will be sitting in another room, on a different TV, eating and getting fat. She will be keeping her options open, looking for the better catch - laughing as you act surprised when she files for divorce.

If those thoughts pissed you off, then good. It means you are one of them. But I haven't given up hope on you. This is a hand held out to you, offering to pull you up. I will help you to address those flaws and become a good catch. Just remember though: change comes from within.