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What is Sexy: Metal and Goth Girls

Between the black hair, running mascara, a touch of cosplay, lots of leather and lace, and hints of BDSM, metal and goth girls are sexy. There is also the fact that metal is our favorite music around the office - we seem to feed off the energy long into the night. And you know that a metal is chick is going to be down with curling up on the couch all weekend watching Netflix horror movies and serial killer documentaries, unlike that Kardashian watching girl from the office.

Once it's time to hit the sheets, these Gothic girls are going to be a little freaky and creative, heck their accessories are bondage equipment. Throw on some old skool Misfit's, maybe a little Deafheaven, and work up to Nine Inch Nails to set the mood. Check out this gallery of dark beauties, starting with our personal favorite Queen of the Night, Amy Lee from Evanescence.

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