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Unusual Subscription Services

There are a whole host of membership clubs popping up in our Facebook feed lately, offering everything from tailored shirts and monthly clothing deliveries picked out by our own "style consultant", colognes, razors, and the list goes on. A few that popped up caught our eye and we had to look into them. Here are the most interesting of the monthly membership clubs we have found.

Mysterious Package Company

First we have the Mysterious Package Company, a members only private club that you must ask to join and be accepted. Membership is 100% free, but you must submit your email to be considered. The site warns the following:

The nature of business is such that we must restrict much of our material to members only.

Application does not guarantee acceptance.

We reserve the right to deny membership without cause or notice.

The application you fill out includes common questions like name and location, before asking for more in-depth answers to essay type questions- favorite movies and what about the Mysterious Package Company caught your attention. The last two questions are more cryptic:

“How well can you keep a secret?”

“What is your blood type?”

One subscriber stated that he received an email from someone only listed as being “The Curator”. The email

opened with “My dearest <Real Name Here>” and was filled with flowery language from another time. It gave directions on how to access the site and what to look for. It closed with, “So, welcome, and please feel free to visit us at any time. I look forward to getting to know you better. Your Servant, The Curator.”

The Mysterious Package Company offers three levels of membership:

The Bespoke Experience. It started at $799.00 and involved conversations with The Curator to ensure that your experience was completely unique. The line that threw me in the description was, “As much or as little control as you wish…”

The next level was three different stories involving various mailings over several months. All of the stories were about $179.00. I was chomping at the bit to jump in. Then Mrs. Darwin Law looked over my shoulder and said, “NOPE…maybe for Christmas if you’re good”. Suddenly I was that little kid and the most amazing toy was being dangled in front of my eyes. I’ve done my best to be good ever since.

The last level was their quarterly mailer, “Curios & Conundrums”. They had the catch up for the previous installments plus a sign up for the next chapter. Both together, before shipping and handling, $50.00. Mrs. Darwin Law gave me the thumbs up and I sent them my monies.

Hunt A Killer Club

The Hunt a Killer Club is like a game of Clue; each month you receive a package of clues and aim to solve a crime. Yet again, there is an application process and the warning that ONLY 500 new members are approved per week. The site says that:


Curators of interactive mystery and unannounced monthly deliveries, designed to conspire, bewilder, and enchant.

This service to offers subscription levels, but this time its based on how long you wish to signup for. A month to month subscription is $30, a six month prepay reduces the cost to $27.50 per month, a full year prepaid will cost $25 per month. Here is there Hunt a Killer's own description of the service:

Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Are you fascinated by what makes a Serial Killer tick? Do you find clues where others don't?

Now is your chance to put your skills to the test, and see if you can catch a killer.

Hunt A Killer is a monthly membership that spins dark tales for you to untangle. You will enter the mind of a serial killer complete with clues, codes, and ciphers. Each month you will receive items to aid your investigation: correspondence to interpret, objects to explore, and messages to analyze. Nothing is as it seems. Like a detective, you must look closely at all the evidence and think outside the box. Join our community and work together to solve a mystery.

We dare you to develop an intimate relationship with our Killer. He might send you a captivating article, a meaningful photograph, or a trinket of curiosity. It’s your job to make sense of it all.

The only question is — do you have what it takes to hunt—and catch—a killer?

Tell us: What do you think of these subscription box services? Have you ordered any?

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