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What is Sexy: Curves

Men love Curves. We do. It should be obvious by our love for bubble butts. After all, you have to have some meat on the bones to have a round bottom. Curves come in all shapes and sizes. It's a body shape, a genetic gift. Some are hourglass, some are pear shaped. It's something to grab onto and pull close.

We love voluptuous women because they embody everything we are biologically wired to look for in a mate: femininity and softness, health and the appearance of youth without being boyish or childlike, reproductive ability, and curvy girls feel real - we can get a little rough in bed with them, and then go enjoy a good meal after without worrying about the prissy gripes about the calorie content in our burgers.

The problem is that the current plus sized movement doesn't understand the line between curvy and obese. Obesity is not sexy. These women below represent the curves men love to see, and embrace their femininity and softness while still maintaining a healthy appearance.

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