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Kobalt 45-oz Smoothed Face Rubber Dead Blow Hammer

While recently doing the rear brakes on the car, I needed to pick up a few tools to get the job done. First I upgraded from a four way lug wrench to a set of lug removal sockets from Husky to remove the wheels. Once the nuts were loose, the wheel was stuck, as in rusted, to the hub. Despite all the pushing, yelling, and kicking I could muster the wheel wouldn't come loose. So I had to take a second trip to the store for a dead blow hammer.

Normally, I would pick up an occasional use tool like this from Harbor Freight, but they were too far away. Home Depot only had a small one pound dead blow hammer in stock, so I drove across the street to Lowe's. I gotta say it's great having both Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as an Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto, and Autozone withing 2 miles of your house when you work on the car.

Here is a Look at the Hammer:

It was more expensive than the model that Harbor Freight was offering, but I have to admit it feels good in the hand and feels like it's well built. I also like that Lowe's is close by if I need a warranty exchange.

Front and Rear View of the Hammer

It did suffer from some damage, which I was surprised by since I was only hitting on a wheel. Here is the chunk that was taken out of the rubber head.

One Final Look at the Hammer:

I do like the Kobalt Dead Blow Hammer, but would have liked to have seen a thicker grip to the handle. Would I purchase again? Maybe, but being that it showed some damage after one short use, I might just recommend buying the Harbor Freight one at half the price. If you would like to buy this Kobalt 45-oz Smoothed Face Rubber Dead Blow Hammer, it is in stock or available directly from the Lowe's Website.

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