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Dave Davies Encounters Aliens after UFO Sightings

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Brit Rockstar Reveals Encounters With Aliens After Sighting UFOs

Famous British rocker Dave Davies, 70, claimed he first observed UFOs in northern Devon sky. The Kinks guitarist, who is a believer of life in space, even stated aliens have already made contact with humans.

He further said that the government has knowledge of extraterrestrial life, but did not comment on the alleged wide-scale cover-up.

The revelations have come after Apollo astronaut Alan Bean disclosed that he believes aliens exist out there.

The rock musician, however, does not think extraterrestrials have touched down on Earth.

According to Davies, he began receiving physic impressions or communications from ETs after seeing them in the sky.

Davies told in an interview that he had several experiences of seeing UFOs and they were interesting. He shared his UFO sightings in north Devon, England where he spotted lights and zigzags in the skies.

Rolling Stone Magazine named Davies as one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. He collaborated with Ray Davies, older brother, in The Kinks.

Dave explained that after experiencing with a UFO, he has been keeping those feelings, and then getting into his subconscious and super-conscious.

He continued that he started to understand those feelings when he got into ufology.

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